November 2014

Misunderstanding Poetry

I took the AP Literature examination near the end of my junior year in high school. From what I recall, …

Wendy Xu’s “the years”

To appreciate Wendy Xu’s poem I begin insensate. Her sentences do not cohere, so I abandon them completely. Her line …


SPR Annualcreative sister to SHARKPACK Poetry Review, is live and on the prowl. The site is beautiful, sleek, content-forward, and fluid. Spend some time with new poems by Joanna Klink, Ross Barnes-Moore, Laura Goode, Daniel Bosch, Daneen Wardrop, Aimée Sands, and winner of our inaugural Prospero Prize, Nels Hanson. The issue also features the strange visual worlds of Darren Hopes.

For your theoretical and critical fix, review SPR Annual‘s ‘Comment’ section, with essays by editors Joseph Spece and Stephanie Adams-Santos.