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Fathom Books’ 2016 Catalogue!

Friends, did you know? SHARKPACK Poetry Review lovingly added SHARKPACK Annual to our fold in 2014, and now, now, we announce our own small press, Fathom Books. HIC SVNT LEONES.

Our first publishing year features books by two forceful queer women: Laura Goode’s Become a Name and Stephanie Adams-Santos’ Swarm Queen’s CrownRead more about both, and get a sample poem, by clicking on respective titles; you can also explore our outstanding painterly website, custom-made by web architect Eric Westerlind.

A request for you: would you consider pre-ordering one of our 2016 titles in support of Fathom’s future? We’re running a Kickstarter campaign here. You’ll support independent publishing and printing; experimental, anti-establishment writing; and sustainable papers and inks.

You’ll support the piranhas dusking about the bounds of bogus ‘literary giants.’ That’s us.

Response has been so, so heartening. We’re at 80% of our goal is just the first five days. Please help if you can. Any donation truly matters. De profundis, de profundis. 

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