Laura Goode’s shortbook Become a Name

Boston, MA (1 August 2015)—Fathom Books is pleased to announce the release of Laura Goode’s first shortbook of poems, Become a Name. 

In Become a Name, Goode—the author of Sister Mischief (Candlewick, 2011) and co-author / co-producer of the film Farah Goes Bang (Seed&Spark, 2015)—crafts a series of seven poems fraught alternately with loss, torsion, resolve. These are poems of impact, of passion and risk, of long projective lines and stanza-blocks, poems of the unapologetically queer and feminine.

The shortbook features a cover image by Chilean artist Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo, whose paintings and graphic works have appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, New Republic, The Moscow Times, and Newsweek.

Harmony Holiday says of Become a Name: ‘This collection possesses the fugitive elegance of all well-behaved rebels who know how to breach the pattern from within it, who rename themselves again and again against the myth of finitude.’

Goode is a graduate of Columbia University currently living in San Francisco, CA. Her periodical publications for poetry include BOMB, Dossier, SHARKPACK Annual, JERRY, and Boston Review.

Fathom Books is an imprint of SHARKPACK Poetry Review, a critical web journal addressing contemporary poetry and poetics since 2011. The SHARKPACK’s literary initiatives also include SHARKPACK Annual.

Become a Name is available for purchase through Fathom Books’ website. Limited review copies are available by request.

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