Yo. We did it again.

Meaning: SHARKPACK Annual is providing your yearly dose of that Very Real Literary Material; art consultant and friend Darren Hopes’ new logo is anchor and inspiration; and web architect Westerlind has reinvented our format to feature and feature again. You’ll love every minute.

This issue, poetry’s by: Golaski, Hall, Hanson, Howes, Longofono, May, Roberts, Starks, Setetzer, Stevick, Stupp, and Owen Vince; fiction’s by Westerlind; occult psychedelia is organized by Boring Machines; visual art’s by Colleen Maynard. High praise to Adam Phillips, who took Valus’ Sigil, and Benjamin Carter Olcott, who won the Prospero Prize.

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Do us a favor and submit to our current Annualopen theme, longform—50+ lines for poetry, 1,000-2,000 words for prose, 5+ pieces for visual art sequences.