We wondered: what’s the long poem looking like these days? We haven’t read many. Our spelunking’s turned up SHARKPACK Annual: Longform. Web architect Eric Westerlind shows frisky measure with this design, and its saturation makes for subtle visual dissonance alongside the visions of our contributors. No ‘of-the-minute’ bullshit here, no pobiz darlings. Instead: hard-fought, oblique, invested writing—content that brings its style into being alongside. Please spend some time with poems by our Prospero Prize-winners Ethan Hon and Julian Mithra; poets Bailor, Pearson, Evans-Thirlwell, Schwartz, Bosch, Higgs, Balwit, Lewis, and Damacela; a truly unusual essay by Melissa Wiley; and a still-series by game designer Connor Sherlock. Talk back to us on Twitter at @sharkpackpoetry.

Also, exciting news: SHARKPACK Annual shifts from being a web-only publication to a print magazine with web content beginning 2018! To celebrate, Fathom Books will publish SHARKPACK Selects this winter, featuring content from the Annual‘s tenure and poetic theory from SHARKPACK Poetry Review. Cover’s up top; authors just below. More info to follow this November.