Poets interested in having their work reviewed by the PACK may send shortbook volumes (no more than 25 pages) to:

Fathom Books / SPR
PO Box 6288
Holliston, MA 01746

While we are very grateful to spend time with your work, please note that—due to individual tastes and editorial time constraints—relatively few volumes will be chosen for review. Additionally, we are able neither to confirm receipt of a volume nor to return volumes.

Volumes not chosen for review will be donated to a local library.

If you have other questions, you may query the editor at sharkpack@me.com.

The PACK has both capacity for and interest in helping to fund creative projects whose goals are in line with the highest aspirations of art—and those that oppose the ‘official poetasters,’ as Barker puts it. Recent support has come for Boss Fight Books and the Living Room Poetry Workshop Series. Get in touch at the e-mail address above if you think we might be a fit.

If I’ve accidentally snapped up your artistic content from the www without giving credit, please mail me. I’ll atone.

Finally, for those interested in writing for the PACK: per-hour payment is $25, with a $50 minimum stipend. Our interest is majorly in short, very sharp, stylish, content-forward close reads of contemporary poems. A secondary interest is in poetics and shortbook reviews. More varied topics avail themselves to regular contributors. Submit critical samples here.

For further information about PACK members, please view the MASTHEAD page and follow links.