Fathom is an independent micropress that publishes volumes of poetry, experimental fiction, hybrids, poetics, speculation, Other. We have a special interest in writing by queers and women; we care for voices willing to speak in their own alien throats.

This is our fourth publication year, with books by Youna Kwak, Łukasz Drobnik, and Ethan Hon forthcoming in 2020.

Submissions opportunities for the upcoming months are listed below. Subs will be accepted for specific calls only during the months listed; please plan accordingly. In addition, submissions will only be accepted through our Submittable portal.


3/15/20 – 5/1/20: Submissions accepted for the SHARKPACK SHORTS, a twice-monthly, fully-online feature at fathombooks.org. Short poems (30 lines maximum) and flash prose (500 words maximum). Content live in September, 2020; this call’s contributors receive a free shortbook from the Fathom library. Submittable link above.

9/1/20 – 10/1/20: Submissions accepted for longbooks: experimental poetry, experimental fiction, speculation, Non-, Other. This is not a contest, but an opportunity to get your strange manuscript in front of the editor. (Drobnik’s Nocturine was selected from our 2017 call!) 75 pages maximum for poetry; 115 all other genres (if you’ve written something longer and extraordinary, trim your manuscript to fit guidelines and leave a note for us). Every effort will be made to reply with a few lines in way of reflection on your work. $15 fee. Submittable link above.

11/15/20 – 12/15/20: Open submissions for SHARKPACK Annual 2021. The theme is WRETCHED CITIZENS. Submission is free, with paid options for expedited response. Cash honorariums paid; publication is in paperbook, with selections featured online. Submittable link above.