Fathom is an independent small press that publishes volumes of poetry, very experimental fiction, poetics, speculation, Other. We’ve announced our first publication year; peruse and order using the link above.

Fathom Books is closely associated with the values and standards of the SHARKPACK.

We’re thrilled to announce a series of submission opportunities for writers in the coming months. Submissions will be accepted for specific calls only during the months listed; please plan accordingly. In addition, submissions will only be accepted through our Submittable portal.


11/15/16 – 12/31/16: SPECIAL CALL for Fathom Books’ PYRAMIDS ROSE OUT OF OUR PAIN: poems + essays of the #NeverTrump Resistance. Read full guidelines here; Submittable link above. 

10/15/16 – 1/15/17: Open submissions for SHARKPACK Annual 2017. The issue is unthemed, but calls specifically for longer works: poems must be at least 50 lines long, short fiction between 1,000 – 2,000 words. Art sequences should contain at least five (5) pieces. Submission is free, with paid options for expedited response. Cash honorariums paid; accepted writers may also be selected for an Annual paper anthology to be published by Fathom 2018. Submittable link above. 

1/15/17 – 2/1/17: Just for our favorite laggards, submissions remain open for SHARKPACK Annual under the ‘Tip Jar + Expedited Submissions’ heading. Submittable link above.

3/1/17 – 4/1/17: Submissions accepted for the PITCH VIPER PRIZE, a shortbook competition judged by Laura Goode, and made possible by our Kickstarter backers. Our interest is in experiment, acid, Queer, dire, Other—no other guidelines apply. Do not send light verse or talk-poetry. Manuscripts should be between 16 – 22 pages. $7 entry fee; winner receives paper book publication in 2018, a $250 honorarium,  and will act as final judge for the competition in 2019. Finalists considered for publication. Submittable link above.

4/1/17 – 4/30/17: Open submissions for Fathom’s forthcoming collection FUTUREPLANT: A GOTHIC. We’re looking for alien, forceful writing of any genre that imagines an Earth reclaimed by plants and fungi. Pay special attention to ‘a gothic’: portentously gloomy or horrifying. So, copses of harrowing black elm and their Intention; one towering protean cactus in Bend, Oregon; what makes some mushroom grey-orange; but never Tulips in Space. Poems should not exceed 100 lines; prose, 2,000 words maximum. Submission is free; accepted authors will be included in a paper book publication in 2018 and receive a small (TBD) honorarium. Submittable link above. 

6/1/17 – 7/31/17: Open submissions for Fathom’s forthcoming collection QUEER ANTI-DREAMS, 2000-2018. Queers writing our desire and our Imaginary against the big sea of heterosocial tropes and exports that would try to legislate even our unconscious life. The anthology seeks poetry, NON- and flash fiction of peril for an anthology that will both chronicle and help give motile definition to Queer since 2000. Scherezade Siobhan will join Fathom as contributing editor on this project. Submission is free; accepted authors will be included in a paper book publication in 2018. Submittable link above. 

6/1/17 – 7/31/17: Submissions accepted for longbooks: experimental poetry, experimental fiction, speculation, Non-, Other. This is not a contest, but an opportunity to get your strange manuscript in front of the editor. 75 pages maximum for poetry; 115 all other genres (if you’ve written something longer and extraordinary, trim your manuscript to fit guidelines and leave a note for us). Every effort will be made to reply with a few lines in way of reflection on your work. $15 fee. Submittable link above.

9/1/17 – 10/31/17: Open submissions for the SYSTEM \ CIRCULATORY SERIES for avant-garde games writing, judged by Owen Vince. The seriousness of your approach should be a direct challenge to fanfic-style, soft video game ekphrasis. Any genre; but please take care not to send memoir with game as accessory to limp personal narrative. Manuscripts should be between 16 – 22 pages. Submission is free; winner receives paper book publication in 2018, a $250 honorarium, and will act as final judge for the competition in 2019. Finalists considered for publication. Submittable link above. Choose one (1) of the games listed below as your muse:

Last Visit to the Shard
Kirby Super Star
Final Fantasy V
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Shadow of the Colossus
Slender: The Eight Pages
Resident Evil 4
Salamander (Life Force)
Ecco the Dolphin