All entries for the Prospero Prizes are governed by our general aesthetics and our by-issue topos.

Prize(s) of $150 and feature publication in our digital magazines will be awarded for poems of philosophical and imaginative hefthaft, and polish.

By ‘heft’ we mean weightiness and import. By ‘haft’ we mean proper handle—form that is in line with your subject matter. (If you submit a villanelle, a Spenserian sonnet, or a poem in free verse, it should seem to us the inevitable form for your poem.) By polish we mean a sense of ‘settlement’; poems should feel fully resolved, wavering by imperative, or patently refuse resolution. Do not confuse ‘polish’ for ‘workshopped’ or ‘preened.’

No special application or entry fee is required; the winner(s) of the Prospero Prizes will be chosen from general submissions to SPR Annual.

Our submissions portal is open through 3/15/16.

We’re most grateful for your interest. Past winners follow.

                                                  MMXV          Nels Hanson
                                                  MMXVI        Michelle Chen