The SHARKPACK is essentially insurrectionary—set in fire against a contemporary literary backdrop sick with talk-verse, popular acquiescence, and limp sentimentality.

In practice, the PACK seeks to create a space for sharp, short-form reviews of contemporary poems and poetry of the living past—poems as stand-alone art objects, extant outside the context of books and anthologies. Small press book features, reviews, and poetic theory surface with some frequency, too.

SPR is an imprint of Fathom Books. Fathom publishes the literature that remains frightfully alive, substantive, electric, forceful, at the blade-edge of language, bearing that blade.

Fathom’s main interest is text by women, queers, and l’Autres—Others.

We believe deeply in the power of the poetic imaginary and in the intimate revolt.

One of SPR‘s inaugural posts puts our raison d’être more pointedly:

The problem is not that verse with ironic hipster verve exists, but that it exists unchallenged, without even the sense that a more priestly—rarefied, substantive—group of poets are at work; the problem is that light verse is in unchallenged high profile.

Dear world: time to rip up and digest the cronyism, the petting, the easy wins, the relativist bent. This is a comment on verse by the sharks who guard her.