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The winner of the very first OUR ALCHEMICAL VALENTINE at SHARKPACK Poetry Review and SPR Annual is:

Chloe Houser

for her poem “At odds with the natural world.” That’s what’s up.

Chloe receives feature publication in the forthcoming SPR Annual (due out mid-October); $150; and all our love in return for her poetic salvo.

Allow us to introduce, as well, four finalists for the prize this year:

Jade Graddy
Jonathan Jones
Richard King Perkins
Thos West

We received 125+ submissions during our call, which ran 1/1 to 2/5. Thanks so much for your interest. We’ll continue the prize under a new love-focus next year, and hope you’ll share your work; also, SPR Annual remains open for general submissions (theme: Cities, Sites) through 3/15/15.

3 responses to “Announcing: OUR ALCHEMICAL VALENTINE, MMXV”

  1. Dear JS,
    Where can I find to read the winning poem?

    1. I know this is rather cruel, but we won’t publish the winning poem until the next ANNUAL, due out in October. Trust us, it’s worth the wait. 🙂

      1. Good to know, thanks. Thought my marbles got away from me.

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