We’re pleased to announce our fourth ‘microverse’ competition on Twitter.

What’s the prize?

$25 (or thereabouts—prize will be awarded through PayPal, so there may be a small fee administered by them) AND publication in our beautiful SPR Annual come October, 2015.

How do I enter?

FIRST: Follow us on Twitter @sharkpackpoetry (our profile is here). Only submissions by our followers will be accepted! (If you follow SPR through wordpress.com but are not on Twitter, we’re happy to accept your poem—please read on.)

SECOND: Compose either a ‘onelet,’ couplet, tercet, or quatrain after the following line, lifted from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link—specifically, the town of Ruto’s most famous inhabitant:

‘I am Error.’

Use this title to motivate you, interpreting it as you like. The title is to function as a launch-point only—your microverse need not be related to The Adventure of Link in any way (be wary of derivative relation in this condensed space; your poem should relay a complete and original reflection). Do not include the title in your post.

This poem cannot exceed 123 characters, since it must include ‘@sharkpackpoetry’ and a line break. Thus each entry should look something like this:

I wake and feel
the fell
of dark, not day.

(Obviously, your entry must be original and unpublished elsewhere).

THIRD: (Important!) Post your entry to us on Twitter and in an e-mail to sharkpack@me.com (with MICROVERSE in the subject line). Sometimes Twitter can be temperamental with content searches and timeline updates, and we don’t want to miss any of your work. SPR followers on WordPress, please submit directly to e-mail.

May I enter more than once?

Up to two (2) entries are permitted per follower.

What do some winning poems look like?

Winners of our previous ‘microverse’ contests can be read at the current SPR Annualbut, but: pave us a new way, friend, as they did.

When’s the deadline?

The competition is open from 6/22 to 7/5. We’ll announce a winner by 7/15. Good luck!