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Announcing: Winners of ‘Valus’ Sigil,’ MMXV

The winners of SHARKPACK Poetry Review‘s and SPR Annual‘s very first ‘Valus’ Sigil’ prize for game-inspired literature are:

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell
John Terrance

for their works “Tank” and “Origins of an Enchanter” respectively.

We couldn’t pick between these two—both are probing, potent, surprising. The editors must extend thanks to Chloe Houser (winner of our first OUR ALCHEMICAL VALENTINE prize) for donating winnings owed her back to the magazine, thus allowing us to finance two cash prizes for the ‘Sigil.’

Both Edwin and John will receive feature publication in our second Annual, due out in October; $150; and a li’l’ mystery gift around the time of publication. Thanks to all our entrants: we look forward to seeing more from each of you next year.

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