from The Temptation


i succumbed to the fury, the cities
and the etchings/come/the
conversation in snatches, in the open
the entire palm imprint of slowness
and reality transforms its lynx
eyes of identity which motivate
all the resources the tongue braids
existence by dint of constant courses
and breath within the limits of the possible
of the tolerable blindly: feeling


i succumbed to the clear vision
of vegetation and events
of the early morning, in the privileges of light
because the authentic body spine of fire
has shown its tongue as it
was then tangible and tango
very vivid for the eyes/of the outside


i succumbed to the  temptation as
one enters the round of gestures
ensuring survival, conquest
smile and fusion of fictions
the night come when the bangs
our foreheads remember the most delightful
delinquencies, the hand is moved a bit
so that before our eyes opens up
the agile memory of utopian girls
moving in italics
or in a fresco towards all the issues


—Nicole Brossard