SHARKPACK Poetry Review

An imprint of FATHOMBOOKS.

#NeverTrump: 30 days of poetry by American women, queers, & non-whites. 13/30—Kim.

[Exordium: ‘In what way names’]


In what way names were applied to things. Filtration. Not every word that has been
applied, still exists. Through proliferation and differentiation. Airborn. Here, this speck
and this speck you missed.

Numbers in cell division. Spheres of doubt. The paradigm’s stitchery of unrelated points.
What escapes like so much cotton batting. The building, rather, in flames. Does flight
happen in an order.

Dates to impugn and divulge. The laws were written on twelve tablets of bronze which
were fastened to the rostra. Trembling hold. Manner of variation and shift. Vacillation
hung by tactile and auditory cues.

—Myung Mi Kim

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