As Long as the Sky Whirls
For Lázaro Gómez


     As long as the sky whirls
You will be my redemption and my doom,
magnetic vision,
                    lily in underwear,
salvation and madness
                    every night waiting.
As long as the sky whirls
no infernal could be a stranger
because I have to take care that that would not harm you,
No joy would go by inadvertent
Because in some way I have to reveal it to you,
                    As long as
                    the sky
               you will be the truth to myself,
               the song and the venom,
               the danger and the ecstasies,
               the vigil and the sleep,
               the dread and the miracle.
As long as the sky whirls . . . but perhaps the sky whirls?
Well: as long as the sky exists.

                    As long as
                    the sky
               you will be my pain most noticeable,
               my loneliness most tragic
               my bewilderment unanimous
               my perpetual silence
               and my absolute consolation.
As long as the sky exists . . . but perhaps the sky exists?
Well: as long as you yourself exist.

                    As long as
                    you yourself
               you will be the mirror and the time,
               the infinity and the imminent,
               the memory and the unusual
               the defeat and the verse,
               my enemy and my image.
Because there would be no more suns than the ones you yourself radiate
like there would be no other penance than to know that you exist.
                              But perhaps you do exist?

—Reinaldo Arenas