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The second SPR Annual is live!


The second SPR Annualcreative sister to SHARKPACK Poetry Review, is risen from the waters. The site is beautiful, sleek, content-forward, and fluid. Spend some time with new poems and flash fiction by Anna Autilio, Brandyn Johnson, Brooke Noli, Daniel Gleason, Scarlett Dax, Dante DiStefano, Darren Demaree, Emily Wolahan, Erin Emily Ann Vance, Marie Hathaway, Jade Graddy, Joel Netsky, Joelle Jameson, Lee Colin Thomas, Mark Stevick, Robert D. Kirvel, MK Sukach, Richard King Perkins II, and Sean Mahoney. The winner of our second Prospero Prize, Michelle Chen, is featured.

We’ve also revealed the works that won our extra-issue contests this year: Chloe Houser’s “At Odds with the Natural World” (which won the first OUR ALCHEMICAL VALENTINE), Edwin Evans-Thirlwell’s “Tank,” and John Terrance’s “Origins of an Enchanter” (which shared the first Valus’ Sigil). Our webmaster Eric Westerlind spiced these ‘Deep-Sea Gems’ with some formatting heat. Yes.

Finally, immerse in Cat Cray’s Erasures After Tristram Shandy” and Sean McSorley’s moody cityscapes, found in the Annual‘s ‘Images’ section; and the editors, Spece, Adams-Santos, and Westerlind figure in some strange introductory comments under this issue’s rubric, ‘Cities, Sites.’

Thank you again for joining us at SHARKPACK Poetry Review. Says Leviathan: No more average literature.

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