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LITTLE #NeverTrump COMPENDIUM: Celebrating some poems by American women, queers, & non-whites

Stephanie ADAMS-SANTOS, “In a Night”

[Anonymous], Five fragments

Reinaldo ARENAS, “As Long as the Sky Whirls”

Paula BOHINCE, “Brutally, the Robin”

Gwendolyn BROOKS, “An Aspect of Love, Alive in the Ice and Fire”

Gwendolyn BROOKS, from “To the Diaspora”

Nicole BROSSARD, from “The Temptation”

Lucille CLIFTON, “1994”

Lucille CLIFTON, “miss rosie”

Jayne CORTEZ, “Do You Think”

H.D., from “To Bryher”

Laura GOODE, from “The Many”

Terrance HAYES, “American Sonnet for Wanda C.”

Richard HOWARD, “Elementary Principles at Seventy-two”

June JORDAN, “June 4, 1974”

Joan KANE, “Epithalamia”

Myung Mi KIM, [Exordium: ‘In what way names’]

Youna KWAK, from “This Having Been Earthly Seems Lasting”

Li-Young LEE, “Secret Life”

Cammy MIDDOUR, “Shedding”

Lorine NIEDECKER, from “Paean to Place”

Frank O’HARA, “Thinking of James Dean”

Laura RIDING, from “Elegy in a Spider’s Web”

Aimée SANDS, “There’s No Place Like”

Brenda SHAUGHNESSY, “Wrongbodied”

Joseph SPECE, “Monitor Lizard”

Noah STETZER, “The Nothing”

May SWENSON, “Blue”

Walt WHITMAN, “Night on the Prairies”

Emily WOLAHAN, “Naked Woman, Her Repose”

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